Risk-Based OSS Provide Ease for UMK

Publication / Press Release / August 2021
Jakarta, 12 August 2021 - Risk-Based Online Single Submission (OSS) System was officially inaugurated by Indonesian President Joko Widodo on Monday morning (9/8). The launch of the Risk-Based OSS is the materialization of the mandate given by Law Number 11 Year 2020 on Job Creation (UU CK) and Government Regulation (PP) Number 5 Year 2021 on Implementation of Risk-Based Business Licensing.

Risk-Based OSS provides services to businesses divided into 2 (two) large groups, Micro and Small Enterprises (UMK) and Non-Micro and Small Enterprises (non-UMK).

"The key is in licensing reformation. Integrated, fast, and simple business licensing is the instrument that determines our competitiveness in attracting investments," said Jokowi during the Risk-Based OSS System launch at the Office of the Ministry of Investment last Monday.

With this regulation, Low-Risk UMK is given the privilege of single licensing. UMK business only needs the Business Identification Number (NIB), which functions as legality, Indonesian National Standard (SNI), and Guarantee of Halal Product Certification (SJPH) for products that must meet SNI and halal qualification.

The convenience of the system is already felt by Onice Waromi, a UMK businessman from Papua. The entrepreneur, who makes tuna chili sauce products under the brand Mace Papua, applied for Business Identification Number (NIB) through Risk-Based OSS.

"It was 5 minutes by cellular phone. Very fast. The current OSS system is very good. After migrating from the previous system to the new system, it is very fast. I have helped friends in Papua apply for NIB license through the OSS system. OSS system is mobile and very practical," said Onice when interviewed. Another business owner, Amelia Ludia Kafiar from Jayapura, also gave similar comments. This owner of a burger business that has only been in operation for 1 (one) year has also applied for NIB.

"Everything is neatly structured, very good, and is convenient for us. It is also very supportive of us as UMKM owners in applying for our licenses," said Amel.

Meanwhile, related to system development, the Ministry of Investment/BKPM reports continued efforts to improve and develop services through OSS. Special Staff to the Minister of Investment on Regional Relations Tina Talisa stresses the importance of input and suggestions from the public.

"We welcome questions, inputs, and valuable suggestions from businesses. Developments are periodically done to increase ease and comfort of use in business licensing. On the other hand, proactive socialization and education must also continue," said Tina.

Based on the Ministry of Investment/BKPM data, from the launch of the Risk-Based OSS System on August 4th, 2021 until today at 16.50 WIB, 24.695 NIB has been issued. Micro Enterprises NIB dominates at 24.362, of which 11.312 are single licenses. (*)