Visit Bitung SEZ, Bahlil is Committed to Bringing Investors

Publication / Press Release / June 2021
Minister of Investment/BKPM Chairman Bahlil Lahadalia made a working visit to the Bitung Special Economic Zone (SEZ), North Sulawesi. This visit was carried out as a follow-up to directions from President Joko Widodo to see the problems and obstacles experienced by the Bitung SEZ.

Some of the obstacles faced in the development of the Bitung SEZ include land use, the function of the Bitung port, and other supporting infrastructure around the area.

Minister Bahlil said that there are potential investors who are interested in investing in the downstream sector of fisheries. It is hoped that after this visit a quick and precise formulation can be developed to accelerate the entry of tenants into the Bitung SEZ.

Bitung SEZ is a Special Economic Zone which began operating on April 1, 2019. This area has ​​534 hectares and is managed by PT. Building Great North Sulawesi is a business entity owned by the North Sulawesi Provincial Government.