BKPM-GAKESLAB Set out the Road Map of the Indonesian Medical Equipment Industry

Publication / Press Release / June 2020
The Covid-19 pandemic that has plagued Indonesia since the beginning of March became the right moment to reflect and reform the public health resilience development strategy going forward, including the health industry in it.

Following Indonesian President Joko Widodo's instructions in the National Development Planning Conference (Musrenbangnas) on 30 April 2020, the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) followed up by coordinating with various parties, including the Association of Medical Equipment and Laboratory Companies (GAKESLAB). This was done to map the opportunities and strengths of the medical equipment and laboratory industries in the country.

BKPM has conducted 4 (four) meetings with GAKESLAB to discuss the road map for the development of the medical equipment and laboratory ecosystem. Both parties agreed to work together in building the medical equipment and laboratory industry. The strategy taken is to increase the competitiveness of the medical equipment and laboratory industry in Indonesia by ensuring ease of licensing, setting up plans for facilities that can be provided, infrastructure and patents for the products produced.

"We sit and think together to develop the development of the medical equipment and laboratory industry ecosystem. The short term is certainly related to the handling of Covid-19; medium-term related to industries that have been ready to build manufacturers in Indonesia since 5-10 years ago; and long term about how entrepreneurs can work together with researchers and academics from universities and research institutions so that research results can be developed to an industrial scale, "said Tina Talisa, BKPM Spokesperson.

Secretary-General of GAKESLAB Randy H. Teguh appreciated the steps taken by BKPM to oversee the development of the country's medical equipment and laboratory industry. For GAKESLAB, the goal to be achieved is the gradual independence of national health until 2024 by prioritizing the safety, quality, and performance of the medical equipment and laboratory.

"GAKESLAB is compiling in more detail what products are ready to be produced by national entrepreneurs, including what products can be developed by large companies or Foreign Investment (PMA) to attract investors to produce in Indonesia. We also analyze the number and readiness of the industry, so that entrepreneurs who were originally importers and distributors can turn into producers," Randy explained.(*)