Speeding Up Investment Services, All BKPM Staffs Got Vaccinated


Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) has completed the COVID-19 vaccination program for its employees, including BKPM Chairman, Bahlil Lahadalia. The first dose was given on 15 March and the second dose on 29 March 2021.

“Thank you to the Ministry of Health, for giving us tremendous support during the vaccination process at BKPM. The key to a faster economic recovery relies on the speed of our vaccination process to give a sense of trust from the public and investors in doing their business in Indonesia,” said Bahlil.

Through the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination, there is an optimism that Indonesian citizens, particularly in BKPM, will be stronger in facing the pandemic. So that people can return to work normally and serve the public better, and the nation’s economy will recover soon.

Indonesian government accelerates the vaccination program phase 2, which prioritizes public servants, the elderly, and people with high mobility as vaccine receivers. Aside from health protection for BKPM employees as public servants, this program is also part of the government’s effort to put the pandemic to an end.

The vaccination program for BKPM employees has been completed, but the 5M health protocol (wearing masks, maintaining distance, washing hands regularly with soap, staying away from crowds, and limiting mobilization and interaction) must still be implemented, both in the work environment and in the place of residence. Vaccinations and health protocols are some of the efforts to accelerate breaking the chain of the spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia.

Based on BKPM data, the investment realization for January – December 2020 is IDR826.3 trillion or equal to 101.1% of 2020’s investment realization target (IDR817.2 trillion). That number consists of IDR412.8 trillion or 49.9% of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and IDR413.5 trillion or 50.1% of Domestic Direct Investment (DDI). That performance successfully absorbed 1,156,361 Indonesian labours from total 153,349 investment projects.

The investment realization target for 2021 is IDR855.8 trillion. However, President Joko Widodo has given direction that investment realization should reach IDR900 trillion this year. Therefore, BKPM will improve the investment facilitation to the investors and adapt with the new strategies for achieving that target in the challenging COVID-19 pandemic. (*)