Integrated Licensing Moves to BKPM


The office for the Online Single SUbmission system (OSS), an integrated government licensing service, was moved to the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) on Wednesday from the Office of the Coordinating Economic Minister, where it had been since the OSS was established in July.

The office is tasked with running the web-based system to apply for or manage business permits for companies in various sectors, excluding the sectors of finance and mining.

Previously, Coordinating Economic Ministry Secretary, Susiwijono, announced the migration of the OSS service. “The operations will be (conducted) at the BKPM building starting on January 2,” he said on December 21, as quoted by

There are three main elements to the OSS—the operational service, the OSS system and the OSS infrastructure.

Susiwijono had said that migration of the OSS service and system could be completed swiftly, but for the infrastructure, it would take at least two months to migrate it from the ministry to the BKPM building.

He said BKPM would be responsible for the operational system of the OSS service, while the office would still be responsible for coordinating efforts between relevant ministries and other government institutions to complete the regulatory reform, including harmonizing the remaining conflicting regulations in each institution.


Source: The Jakarta Post