Daewoong Infion Reports Total Export EPO Rp145 Billion


WE Online, Jakarta - Daewoong Infion, a joint venture company part of the pharmaceutical company Daewong Group of South Korea, announced as of 6 August 2020 a total sales of reverse export of erythropoietin (EPO) to Korea reaching more than Rp145 billion. This is cumulative of 3 years of sales starting from the second semester of 2017 to the first semester of 2020. And it is estimated to exceed Rp200 billion by the end of 2020.

After establishing Daewon Infion, a joint venture company between Daewong Pharmaceutical and Infion in 2012, Daewoong Group opened the first biopharmaceutical factory in Indonesia located in Surabaya and transferred superior biopharmaceutical technology from Daewoong Pharmaceutical to conduct research, develop and manufacture various biopharmaceutical products in Indonesia.

“We are pleased to play the main role in furthering Indonesia’s pharmaceutical industry by exporting raw materials to South Korea, a developed country in the pharmaceutical field,” said Suh Chang-woo, President Director of Daewoong Infion, Wednesday (6/8).

According to him, Daewoong Infion, as the first biopharmaceutical company in Indonesia, has led the biopharmaceutical industry in Indonesia and contributed to providing high-quality biopharmaceutical products to patients.

Daewoong Infion currently produces erythropoietin (EPO) as a finished product and pure solution. Daewoong’s EPO products are used to treat anemia in patients suffering from chronic kidney failure, on dialysis, and anti-cancer. Daewoong’s EPO products are halal certified by LPPOM MUI in January 2020.

Since launching in 2017, this product has gained the largest market share in Indonesia within six months and continues to be superior.

Meanwhile, Daewoong Infion plans to expand to the Middle East pharmaceutical market worth Rp970 trillion.