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Public Information / Public Information

The Information and Documentation Management Officer (PPID) is an officer in charge of public information management and services including the process of collecting, providing, classifying, filing, documenting, and information service. In line with the implementation of Law Number 14 Year 2008 concerning Transparency of Public Information, every government institution (including BKPM) has to provide public information service to the public. Based on the Decree of Chairman of BKPM Number 50 Year 2011, an ‘Information Service Advisory Team’ and ‘Information and Documentation Management Officer (PPID)’ at BKPM have been established. The Advisory Team has the task of coordinating public information management activities at BKPM including the process of providing, filing, and public information servicing.

The classification of information at BKPM is regulated in the Decree of Chairman of BKPM Number 101 year 2012. It is including public information which should be provided and published periodically,general public information, and excluded information