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, June 05, 2020
Counting Days to IA-CEPA Implementation

After a long wait of 10 years since its first discussion between Indonesia and Australia, virtual meeting between Indonesian Minister of Trade Agus Suparmanto and Australian Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Simon Birmingham finalised the IA-CEPA and initiated the 60-days transition to July 5, 2020 as the first day of IA-CEPA implementation.

As many have expected, Indonesia and Australia expects IA-CEPA agreement will help both countries to hit the ground running after the COVID-19 pandemic by increasing the traffic between Indonesia and Australia commodity export-import, and also boost foreign direct investment from Australia to several key sectors, such as education, health, construction, energy, mining, and vocational education. In terms of direct investment, IA-CEPA will gives Australian investor extra protection, certainty and favourable treatment in ensuring strategic policies implementation, especially in key sectors mentioned above. For more detailed outcomes of IA-CEPA on investment from DFAT, please click here.