Human Resource Improvement

About Ministry of Investment/BKPM / Human Resource Improvement

Based on the Regulation of Chairman of BKPM No. 90 / SK / 2007 jo No. 1 Year 2011 about the Organization and Working Procedures of BKPM, Education and Training Center of BKPM (Pusdiklat) has the task of carrying out structural, functional and technical education and training for officers on investment.

The objectives of our Education and Training Centre programme are the human resources on investment which are not only BKPM officer, but also officer from other institutions which are related to investment management, either related to government and non-government institution or related to publics directly.

1. Training Needs Mapping

Training analysis is needed to be conducted to ensure that the training meets the needs of the organization effectively. This analysis is carried out by identifying the gaps that exist between the performance or competency that have been owned by officer with the performance or competency that must be possessed in order to perform their tasks optimally.

Our Education and Training Centre has conducted an analysis to arrange training needs map for BKPM and local government officers. The training needs analysis is carried out through a survey using a questionnaire with all of BKPM officers as respondents. While the training needs analysis for local government officer especially related to One Stop Service Center, the survey respondents are local government officers who participated in the training organized by Education and Training Centre.

2. Accreditation of Technical Training on Investment

Based on the Decree of Chairman of State Administration Institution No. 490 / K.1 / PDP.10.4, Pusdiklat is declared as the authorized institution that provide accreditation for technical training on investment under BKPM and other government training institution. Our Education and Training Centre accredited in conducting technical training on investment, it gives guarantee that training conducted by Education and Training Centre fulfilled the National Accreditation Standard. All of trainings on investment should refer to the standard of BKPM Education and Training Centre.

3. The Number of Training Participants Organized by Pusdiklat (BKPM and Local Government Officers)

Our Education and Training Centre has organized several trainings for BKPM and local government officers. As of June 2017, the number of alumni who participated the first level of OSS Centre Training is 297 people, Technical Guidance is 240 people, Apprenticeship in SPIPISE is 57 people and Technical Training for BKPM officer is 86 people.

Our Education and Training Centre focuses on improving BKPM officer’s competency by organizing technical training which related to the jobs and duties of participants and also improving general BKPM officer’s competency. For improving BKPM officer’s ability in serving investors, our Education and Training Centre BKPM organizes technical training that related to service and foreign language proficiency, such as English, Arabic, Mandarin and others. Our Education and Training Centre also encourages and facilitates the improvement of BKPM officer’s competency through Master Degree Scholarship and Non Degree programs such as domestic and abroad short courses.