Main Duty & Functions

About Ministry of Investment/BKPM / Main Duty & Functions

Ministry of Investment/BKPM Main Duty

To coordinate policies and services in the field of investment based on the provisions of laws and legislation.

Ministry of Investment/BKPM Functions:

  1. Analysing and proposing national investment planning
  2. Coordinating implementation of national policies in the field of investment
  3. Analysing and proposing a policy of investment services
  4. Determining norms, standards, and procedures for the implementation of investment services
  5. To develop opportunities and potential investments in the region by empowering business entity
  6. Creating investment maps in Indonesia
  7. Coordinating promotional actvities and investment cooperation
  8. Developing sector on investment through fostered investment. among others, promoting partnerships, improving competitiveness, creating healthy competition, and desiminating the broadest information in term of investment activity
  9. Fostering implementation of the investment, and aid the completion of various obstacles and consulting problems faced by investors in carrying out investment activities
  10. Coordinating and implementation of one stop service
  11. Coordinating domestic investors are running the planter investment outside the territory of Indonesia
  12. Providing licensing services and investment facilities
  13. Fostering and serving general administration in the areas of planning, administration, organization and governance, employment, education and training, finance, law, public relations, archiving, data and information processing, and household equipment; and
  14. Implementing other functions in the field of investments in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.