Sector Investment Opportunity Remarks
Food and Beverages

36 Mega Food Parks (food processing industry) with each Mega Food Parks has a Central Processing Centre with an area of over 50 hectares which is connected to the Primary Processing Centre and Collection Centre within 100-150km as a raw materials provider.

FDI liberalization for the processed food industry by promoting 36 Mega Food Parks in order to encourage the modernization of processed foods. Existing infrastructure: roads, water supply, electricity supply, plants treatment and public facilities. The facility is open 100% for FDI.

Contact Person:

Mr. Taufik Rigo

First Secretary. Economic Affairs,KBRI New Delhi

50-A Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021

P: +91 11 26118642-46

F: +91 11 2687 4402


Sector Investment Opportunity Remarks
HALAL Food and Beverages

Opportunity to open Indonesia cafes in Oman, especially café which is serving Indonesiacoffee. Otherinterest products are processed meats (embracing the concept of halal slaughter), furniture, vehicle tires, building materials (conwood) and food products.

Contact Person:

Mr. Yudhi Ardian

First Secretary. Economic Affairs, KBRI Muscat

Way 3013, Building 1091, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. PO.BOX
642 PC 115

P: +968 2469 1050

F: +968 2469 1243