West Sulawesi

Capital of Province : Mamuju.

Border Area :

East: South Sulawesi.

West: Makasar Strait.

North: Central Sulawesi.

South: South Sulawesi.

Geographical Location : 118o43 15 -119o54 3 East Longitude and 0o12 -3o38 South Latitude.

Total Area : 16,937.16 km2.

Population : 1,234,251 people (2013).

Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) : IDR 5.67 trillion (2012), IDR 5.75 trillion (2013).

GRDP per Capita : IDR 11.9 million (2012), IDR 13.11 million (2013).*

Export : IDR 20.89 billion (2013), IDR 3.1 trillion (2014).**

Import : IDR 18.71 billion (2013), IDR 13.57 billion (2014).**

*) GRDP catalog District / City in Indonesia 2009 - 2013, the Central Bureau of Statistics. Excluding the petroleum and gas.

**) GRDP catalog According to Expenditure 2010-2014 West Sulawesi, BPS West Sulawesi Province.

Infrastructure :

Airport: Tampa Padang Airport.

Highway: State Highway (571.98 km), Provincial Highway (368,95 km) and District road (5,932.25 km).

Sea Port: Belang-belang Port, Bonemanjeng Special Port, Tanjung Bakau Special Port, Majene Port, Mamuju Port, Samudera Belang Port, Simbuang Port.

Industrial Zone: N/A.

Land Transportation: N/A.

City Transportation: N/A.

Communication Network (Optical Fiber & Data Access) :

Network system of optical fiber broadband backbone Sulawesi-Maluku-Papua Cable System (SMPCS) is currently being developed by the government. SMPCS is a development of fiber optic network that reaches 8 provinces and 34 districts in Eastern Indonesia, including North Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, North Maluku, Maluku, East Nusa Tenggara, West Papua and Papua, with a total length of 8,722 kilometers.

Electricity :

West Sulawesi provincial government is targeting to become one of the largest energy-producing provinces, especially in eastern Indonesia. With the large potential of Natural Resources (SDA), West Sulawesi hopes to optimize the potential for the development of a source of electrical energy. The target has been implemented with the commencement of construction of energy sources such as power plants, MHP and hydroelectric power plants and a number of other energy; including efforts to accelerate the development of 2x25 MW power plant in Mamuju, Solar Power development plan centered on the island Karampuang 5 MW, KW 200-300 Mikrohydro energy development in the District Mammas, and the development process of 450 MW of Tumbuan Hydropower. To meet the electricity needs of two districts of Central and North Mamuju-that can not be powered optimally, West Sulawesi provincial government has sought to find the water potential in the Central and North Mamuju, which will be optimized a stream/river that is expected to supply 10 MW of energy. **

Regional Minimum Wage : IDR 1.165 million per month (2013), 1.4 million per month (2014).

Number of Job Seekers : 5,185 people (2014).***

*) From various source.

**) www.sulbarprov.go.id

***) Central Bureau of Statistics.

Government of West Sulawesi Province provide broad support for the growth of investment. One obvious form of such support is the creation of integrated services in consulting, field assistance and the issuance of investment licenses (for the moment reserved to domestic investment) as a form of non-fiscal incentives that are needed by the investor. Address and telephone number of integrated service office are as follows:

Regional Investment and Integrated Licensing Coordinating Board (BKPMD & P2T) of West Sulawesi Province

Komplek Perkantoran Pemerintah Provinsi Sulawesi Barat

Jl. Abd. Malik Pattanan Endeng, Mamuju, Sulawesi Barat

Tel/Fax. +6221 426 2325152

Email: sulbarbppmd@yahoo.co.id

Office of West Sulawesi Governor

Jl. Abd. Malik Pattanan Endeng, Mamuju, Sulawesi Barat

Phone/Fax. +6221 426 22677, 22680

Website: www.sulbarprov.go.id

Agriculture : Corn, soybeans, potatoes, bananas, sweet potato and cassava.

Plantation : Palm oil, cocoa, rubber, coffee, coconuts, cloves, cashew and pepper.

Fisheries : Wild fisheries and aquaculture (cage, sea, pond, farming and fishpond).

Livestock : Cattle, pigs, goats, buffaloes and horses.

Services : Nature and Cultural Tourism