Special Region of Aceh

kota special aceh

Capital of Province : Banda Aceh.

Border area :

East: Malacca Strait.

West: Samudera Indonesia.

North: Malacca Strait.

South: North Sumatera.

Geographical Location : 01o 58’37,2” - 06o04’33,6” North Latitude and 94o57’57,6” - 98o17’13,2” East Longitude.

Total Area : 56,770.81 km2 or 5,677,081 hectare.

Population : 4,791,900 (2013).

Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) : IDR 36.6 trillion (2012), IDR 38.01 trillion (2013).

GRDP per Capita : IDR 17.12 mio (2012), IDR 18.52 mio (2013).*

Export : IDR 10.54 trillion (2013), IDR 7.64 trillion (2014).**

Import : IDR 1.54 triliun (2013), IDR 2.82 trillion (2014).**

*) GRDP catalog District / City in Indonesia 2009 - 2013, the Central Bureau of Statistics. Excluding the petroleum and gas.

**) GRDP Catalogue according to the Aceh Expenditure 2010-2014, BPS of Aceh

Infrastructure :

Airport: Alas Lauser Airport, Bireun Airport, Blangkejeran Airport, Cut Nyak Dhien Airport, Kuala Batu Airport, Lasikin Airport, Maimun Saleh Airport, Malikul Saleh Airport, Rembele Airport, Singkil Airport (Hamzah Fansuri), Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport, and Teuku Cut Ali Airport

Highway: State Highway (1,803.36 km), Provincial Highway (1,570.50 km) and District/City Road (13,841.07 km).

Sea Port: 15 ports, such as Sabang harbor pier Navigation District, Fisheries Special dock of Great Ocean Sabang, Calang Sea Port, Idi Sea Port, Balohan Special Port, (Persero) Pertamina Sabang Special Port, Singkil Special Port, Tapaktuan Special Port, Kuala Langsa Kantor Sea Port, Pelabuhan Lhokseumawe, Malahayati Kantor Sea Port, Meulaboh Port, Sabang Port, Sinabang Port, and Susoh Sea Port.

Industrial Zone: 10 industrial zones, which are Agro and Fishery Industrial Zone, Asia Blang Industrial Zone, Asia Pasai Industrial Zone, Bireun Industrial Zone, Blang Ulam Industrial Zone, Integrated Coconut Industrial Zone, Integrated Coconut East Industrial Zone (KITAT), Mining and Energy Industrial Zone, Rattan Processing Industrial Zone, and Pisang Sale MSME Industrial Zone.

Land Transportation: N/A.

City Transportation: N/A.

Communication Network (Optical Fiber & Data Access) :

Aceh mainland territory, either the east coast or the west coast of Aceh, has been connected with fiber-optic broadband networks. The eastern path, the Banda Aceh-Lhokseumawe-Langsa and Medan already connected with 615 km fiber optic network. Meanwhile, the western lines include the Banda Aceh-Meulaboh-Tapaktuan-Singkil-Subulussalam and Medan with a length of 887 km have also been connected to the fiber-optic broadband networks. While the central region, covering the central highlands to the North Sumatra, the fiber optic broadband networks is still under construction. Provincial Government of Aceh has submitted the construction of the fiber optic broadband networks in both outer islands, Simeulue and Weh Island. In addition to facilitate better governance, the network is expected to encourage the economic growth. *

Electricity : Aceh’s electricity needs are supplied through two systems, which is the system interconnect through a 195 MW transmission network, and secondly through the isolated system (75 MW). Currently the demand for electricity in Aceh still depends on 165 MW of electricity supply from the power plant in North Sumatra. Peak load of total system Aceh today reaches 270 MW supplied by two interconnected system of 195 MW (supplied 165 MW by plants in northern Sumatra and 75 MW by diesel power plant in Leug Bata, Sigli and Lhokseumawe) and 75 MW Isolated System (supplied by Blang Keujeren, Takengon, Meulaboh and Sabang diesel power plant). Thus, the amount of electric power supplied by generators in the Aceh region only about 105 MW, which is still a deficit of 165 MW if the supply of Northern Sumatra’s interrupted. Increasing the electricity capacity in Aceh to reduce dependence on supplies from the North Sumatra continue to be pursued through the use of alternative energy sources such as hydro and geothermal. Geothermal potential of Aceh reach 1,115 MW, while hydro reach 1,482.50 MW. Two regions of geothermal potential that are planned to be developed into power plants are, seulawah Agam (1x55 MW); is in the process of tender preparation and Jaboi (2x7 MW); in the exploration phase. Hydro potential that is being developed and is in the process of construction currently is Peusangan hydropower (2x43 MW). **

Minimum Wage : IDR 1.75 million (2014), IDR 1.9 million (2015).

Number of Job Seeker : 125,547 people (2013).

*) www.aceh.antaranews.com.

**) www.esdm.go.id.

The Aceh provincial government provide broad support for the growth of investment. One obvious form of such support is the creation of integrated services in consulting, field assistance and the issuance of investment licenses (for the current domestic investment) as a form of non-fiscal incentives that are needed by the investor. Addresses and telephone numbers integrated service offices are as follows:

Investment and Promotion Board of Aceh Province

Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 39 Banda Aceh 23122 – Indonesia

Phone: 0651 – 23170 Fax: 0651 – 23171

Email: investasi@acehprov.go.id Website: http://acehinvestment.com Integrated Licensing Service Agency of Aceh Province

Jl. Tjut Nyak Arief No. 219, Banda Aceh

Phone: 0651 – 7554075 Fax: 0651 – 7551333

Email: bp2taceh@gmail.com

Website: https://e-perizinan.acehprov.go.id/index.php?content=index

Governor Office of Aceh – Bureau of Public Relations

Jl. Tjut Nyak Arief No. 219, Banda Aceh

Phone: 0651 – 7551377 Fax: 0651 – 7552307

Email: humas@acehprov.go.id

Website: www.acehprov.go.id

Agriculture : Corn, sweet potato, and cassava and soybeans.

Plantation : Palm oil, cocoa, rubber, sugar cane, coffee, coconuts, cloves, cotton, candlenut, pepper, nutmeg, nut, tobacco and patchouli.

Livestock : Cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, buffalo, and horses. Fishery Wild fisheries, cages-culture, cage farming, mariculture, rice cultivation and ponds farming

Services : Nature and Cultural Tourim