West Java

Capital of Province : Bandung.

Border Area :

East: Central Java.

West: Banten.

North: Java Sea and DKI Jakarta.

South: Indonesian Sea.

Geographical Location : 104o 48 108o 48 East Longitude and 5o 50 7o 50 South Latitude.

Total Area : 29,276.72 km2.

Population : 45,340,799 people (2013).

Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) : IDR 364.4 trillion (2012), IDR 386.84 trillion (2013).

GRDP per Capita : IDR 21.27 milion (2012), IDR 23.6 million (2013).*

Export : IDR 440.62 trillion (2013), IDR 528.98 trillion (2014).**

Import : IDR 439.72 trillion (2013), IDR 546.61 trillion (2014).**

*) GRDP catalog of District/City in Indonesia 2009 - 2013, the Central Bureau of Statistics.

**) catalog according to Expenditure of West Java 2010 - 2014, the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Infrastructure :

Airport: Husein Sastranegara Airport, Nusa Wiru and Penggung Airport.

Highway: State Highway (1,140.69 km), Provincial Highway (2,199.18 km) and District/City Road (22,726.67 km).

Sea Port: Astanajayapura Port, Bondet Port, Brondong Indramayu Port, Cirebon Port, Gebang Port, Indramayu Port, Arjuna Terminal Special Port, Dadap Juntiyuat Indramayu Special Port, Pertamina Balongan Special Port and Pangandaran Port.

Industrial Zone: Cibinong Center Industrial Estate, Daya Kencanasia Industrial Park, East Jakarta Industrial Park, Jababeka Industrial Estate-Cikarang, Karawang International Industrial City, Gobel Industrial Zone, Lion Industrial Zone, Mitra karawang Industrial Zone, Rancaekek Indusrial Zone, Sentul Industrial Zone, Lippo Cikarang, Marunda Center, MM2100 Industrial Town, Patria Manunggal Industrial Estate, Suryacipta City of Industry, Greenland International Industrial City, Indonesia Cina Integrated Industrial Zone and Kota Bukit Indah Industrial City.

Land Transportation: N/A

City Transportation: N/A

Network (Optical Fiber & Data Access) :

West Java can be referred to as the province that is able to implement Smart Region Maturity Index including the nature, structure, infrastructure, superstructure, and culture. West Java communications network infrastructure dedicated to public services, service procurement of goods and services electronically, public hotspot, to Mobile Community Access Point (M-CAP). Bandung also has implemented the concept of Smart City that able to observe the data in the field, such as weather or traffic, via the Internet, which allows handling and early solution to the problems that emerged in the city.*

Electricity : N/A

Regional Minimum Wage : IDR 1 million (2014), IDR 1,131,862 (2015).

Number of Job Seekers : 159,651 people (2012), 62,965 people (2013).

*) http://diskominfo.jabarprov.go.id.

Government of West Java province provide broad support for the growth of investment. One obvious form of such support is the creation of integrated services in consulting, field assistance and the issuance of investment licenses (for the moment reserved to domestic investment) as a form of non-fiscal incentives that are needed by the investor. Address and telephone number of integrated service office are as follows:

Regional Investment and Promotion Coordinating Board (BKPPMD) of West Java Province

Jl. Sumatera No. 50, Bandung 40115

Telp: +6222 4237369

Faks: +6222 4237081

Office of West Java Governor

Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung

Phone: +6222 4208670 / 4204483

Fax: +6222 4203450

Website: www.jabarprov.go.id

Plantation : Cocoa, rubber, sugarcane, coffee, coconut, clove and tea.

Service : Nature and Culture Tourism

Fisheries : Wild fisheries, cages-culture, cage farming, mariculture, rice cultivation and ponds farming

Livestock : Cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, buffaloes and horses.