Special Region of Yogyakarta

Capital of Province : Yogyakarta.

Border Area :

East: Wonogiri District, Central Java Province.

West: Purworejo District, Central Java Province.

North: Central Java Province.

South: Indian Ocean.

Geographical Location : 7033’ - 8012’ South Latitude 110000’ - 110050’ East Longitude.

Total Area : 3,185.80 km2.

Population : 3,514,762 people (2012), 3,594,854 people (2013).

Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) : IDR 23.31 trillion (2012), IDR 24.57 trillion (2013).

GRDP per Capita : IDR 16.05 million (2012), IDR 17.72 million (2013)*.

Export : US$177,07 juta (2012)*

Import : US$ 96,182 (May 2014), US$ 56,251 (June 2014)***

*) GRDP catalog of District/City in Indonesia 2009 - 2013, the Central Bureau of Statistics.

**) www.yogyakarta.bps.go.id. ***) Investment opportunities of 19 Provinces, Investment Coordinating Board.

Infrastructure :

Airport: Adi Sutjipto.

Highway: State Highway (168.81 km), Provincial Highway (90.25 km), and District/City Road (6.206,69 km).

Sea Port: Tanjung Adikarto.

Industrial Zone: Organic Fertilizer Factory Bantul District, Karangwuni Management of Marine Result, Sleman Industrial Zone, Piyungan Industrial Zone, Umbulharjo Arts and Crafts Market, Glagah Red Chillies Processing.

Transportation: City Bus, Trans Jogja, taxi and non-engine transportation.

=Network Communications (Optical Fiber & Data Access) :

Access to telecommunications facilities in the city of Yogyakarta is very easy to obtain. The technology used does not depend on fixed lines, but also uses air network, GSM and CDMA, both for household and commercial. Telecommunications facilities not only for telephone communication, but has been growing rapidly to meet the demand for information technology (IT) such as the Internet. Hotspots in public spaces spread to almost all the city of Yogyakarta. The phone line cable subscription in PT Telkom from year to year also increased although it had decreased in 2006, but generally still growing positively with an average growth of 10 percent per year. The entire region of Yogyakarta has been served by both wire and wireless telecommunications network. In 2008, in the city of Yogyakarta, there are around 73 licensed BTS used by various mobile phone operators. Consists of a total of 52 units of greenfeel type and 21 units of rotop. A large number of base stations with a relatively equal distribution, enough to meet the needs of telecommunications for businesses, including for the development of information technology. *

Electricity :

Electrical energy provided by PT PLN has increased from year to year. This is in line with the increase need/demand of household and business customers. Production of electric energy in the province in 2013 reached 2,392 million KwH, or an average increased by 7.12 percent per year. From that amount not all were sold, but have shrinkage by an average of 9.83 percent of the total production. The amount of PLN customers in the city of Yogyakarta in 2013 recorded 111,610, with most subscribers are in Umbulharjo and Gondokusuman Sub district.*

Regional Minimum Wage : IDR 988,500 per month (2014) , IDR 1.11 million per month (2015).

Numbers of Job Seeker : 24,965 people, (2012), 64,419 people (2013).

*) http://investasi.jogjakota.go.id

Government of Special Region of Yogyakarta province provide broad support for the growth of investment. One obvious form of such support is the creation of integrated services in consulting, field assistance and the issuance of investment licenses (for the moment reserved to domestic investment) as a form of non-fiscal incentives that are needed by the investor. Address and telephone number of integrated service office are as follows:

Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) of Yogyakarta Province Kompleks Kepatihan Danurejan, Gedung Unit VII Lt.3

Jl. Malioboro, Yogyakarta 55213 – Indonesia

Phone: 0274 – 562811 Ext. 1197

Fax: 0274 – 552521

Email: anysundari@yahoo.com

CP: Sri Any

Office of Special Region of Yogyakarta Governor Kompleks Kepatihan Danurejan

Jl. Malioboro No. 52-54, Yogyakarta 55213 – Indonesia

Phone: 0274 – 562811-145, 373444

Fax: 0274 – 562811-145, 373444

Agriculture : Corn and cassava.

Trading : Sub sector wholesale and retail, restaurant serta hotel.

Plantation : Coconuts, cocoa, cane, coffee, cloves, cashew, athropa, cotton, candlenut, pepper, patchouli, tea, tobacco and vanilla.

Services : Nature and culture tourism.

Livestock : Cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, buffaloes and horses.

Fisheries : Wild fisheries and fisheries aquaculture.