Capital of Province : Serang.

Border Area :

East: DKI Jakarta and West Java.

West: Sunda Strait.

North: Java Sea.

South: Indian Ocean.

Geographical Location : 105o 01’11” - 106o 07’12 East Longitude and 05o 07’50” - 07o 01’01” South Latitude.

Total Area : 9,662.92 km2.

Population : 11,452,491 people (2013).

Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) : IDR 99.99 trillion (2012), IDR 105.86 trillion (2013).

GRDP per Capita : IDR 19.04 million (2012), IDR 21,35 million (2013).*

Export : US$ 9.88 billion (2013), US$ 10.23 billion (2014).**

Import : US$ 12.33 billion (2013), US$ 12.18 billion (2014).**

*) GRDP catalog District / City in Indonesia 2009 - 2013, the Central Bureau of Statistics. **) Export-Import Statistics catalog of Banten 2014, the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Infrastructur :

Airport: Curug/Budiarto Airport, Tanjung Lesung Airport, Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

Highway: State Highway (476,491 km) and Provincial Highway (852,888 km).

Sea Port: Merak Port, PT Buyer Urethangs Ind. Special Port, Banten Port, Bojonegoro Port, Karangantu Port, PT GT Petrochem Industries Tbk Chemical Division of Merak Special Port, Labuhan Port, Port of PT Tower Indonesia (Thermal Power Station) Suralaya Sector .

Industrial Zone: Jababeka Industrial Estate-Cilegon, Cikupamas Industrial and Warehousing Zone, MGM Integrated Industrial Zone, Krakatau Industrial Estate Cilegon, Millenium Industrial Estate, Modern Cikande Industrial Estate and Taman Tekno Bumi Serpong Damai Park.

Land Transportation:

City Transportation:

Communication Network (Optical Fiber &Data Acess ) : N/A

Electricity :

As the region that has the potential of natural resources, Banten become a strategic area for developing electricity to meet the needs of electrical energy. The planned development of wind energy (wind) by one of the companies in the Pandeglang and Lebak region will be increasingly improve licensing services and the interest of investors to invest in the power sector in Banten. Based on data from Investment Coordinating Board, until the first quarter of 2015, there are 14 under construction of power projects that being monitored by Investment Coordinating Board, with a total investment plan of IDR 44 trillion. Total power generation capacity plan by about 2.295 MW. *

Regional Minimum Wage : IDR 1.325 million (2014), IDR 1.6 million (2015).

Number of Job Seekers : 80,660 people (2013), 99,216 people (2014).**

*) **) Central Bureau of Statistics.

Government of Banten Province provide broad support for the growth of investment. One obvious form of such support is the creation of integrated services in consulting, field assistance and the issuance of investment licenses (for the current domestic investment) as a form of non-fiscal incentives that are needed by the investor. Addresses and telephone numbers integrated service offices are as follows:

Investment Coordinating Board and Integrated Services (BKPMPT) of Banten Province Kawasan Pusat Pemerintahan Provinsi Banten (KP3B)

Jl. Syekh Nawawi Palima, Serang

Phone: +62254 8480010

Fax: +62254 8480012



Office of the Governor of Banten Province

Jl. Brigjen KH. Syam’un No. 5 Serang, Banten, Indonesia

Phone: +62254 200123

Fax: +62254 200520

Agriculture : Corn, soybean, sweet potato and cassava.

Plantation : Oil palm, cocoa, rubber, coffee, coconuts, cloves, pepper, nutmeg and vanilla.

Livestock : Cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, buffaloes and horses

Fisheries : Wild fisheries, cages-culture, cage farming, mariculture, rice cultivation and ponds farming

Services : Nature Tourism