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In order to enhance the competence of BKPM and Regional Investment Boards’ officials, including those in province, regency, and city agencies, BKPM needs to organize educational training related to investment. It is necessary so that the competent officials are available in central and regional agencies, especially for fulfilling the needs for officials that will be placed in One-Stop-Services (OSS) all over Indonesia.

Consequently, there will be a standard concerning investment service procedure nationally and applicable throughout the country. With the existence of the standard, it is expected that it will be a trigger to boost national investment.

In 2013, educational training with certification was held for 957 regional OSS officials, OSS technical guidance for 140 people, and investment promotion training for 120 people.

Furthermore, to improve the capability of BKPM officials in giving service towards the investors, the technical training for BKPM officials also focuses on the topic of excellent service and foreign language proficiency, (especially English). It is shown by organizing the trainings with the theme of improving services, such as service excellence workshop, service excellence training, and investor relations training.


In general, training program in 2014 is relatively similar with those in 2013, yet the difference is that in 2014, Education & Training Center of BKPM applies the online registration for regional participants and the candidates applying online will be prioritized. The details of schedule, place and time of the training as well as registration procedure can be found in Education & Training Center’s website. Furthermore, this website can also be used as communication tool for regional officials if there is anything that needs to be discussed about the training and other related matters.

Moreover, in 2013 there are 20 employees studying in Singapore, Japan, England, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, and the United States.

Beside focusing on training that shapes the skill of service excellence and foreign language proficiency, another strong commitment coming from the BKPM Chairman is the importance of education in boosting national investment, shown by allocating the annual budget for education from the state budget (APBN) to provide scholarship for magister program (S2) in the subjects that support the job and duty of BKPM. In the period of 2010-2012, the number of BKPM employees receiving scholarships for magister programs was up to 36. Moreover, in 2013 there are 20 employees studying in Singapore, Japan, England, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, and the United States. In 2014, there are also 20 employees receives the scholarships and this year, the Education & Training Center also signed the MoU with the University of Birmingham and S. Rajaratnam (RSIS-NTU) Singapore.


Dalam rangka pengisian Jabatan Pimpinan Tinggi (JPT) Pratama di Lingkungan Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal dan sesuai dengan Undang-undang Nomor 5 Tahun 2014 tentang Aparatur Sipil Negara dan memperhatikan Peraturan Menteri Pendayagunaan Aparatur Negara dan Reformasi Birokrasi Nomor 13 Tahun 2014 tentang Tata Cara Pengisian Jabatan Pimpinan Tinggi Secara Terbuka di Lingkungan Instansi Pemerintah, dengan ini kami mengundang dan memberikan kesempatan kepada PNS yang berminat dan memenuhi persyaratan untuk mendaftarkan diri mengikuti Seleksi Terbuka Pengisian Jabatan dimaksud dengan ketentuan sebagai berikut: